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Ask Parliament to pass Zali Steggall’s Stopping PEP11 Bill, a law to ban offshore oil and gas drilling between Manly and Newcastle.

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The Petition

Our amazing NSW coastline is being threatened by Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 (PEP-11), a proposal to open an offshore oil and gas field from Sydney to Newcastle. It puts at risk the most populated and prosperous stretch of coast in Australia.

With our health, lifestyle and local economies all heavily reliant on a healthy ocean, PEP-11 could prove disastrous on all fronts for communities along the NSW coast.

An oil spill or gas leak could: decimate local economies, including coastal tourism and fisheries; irreparably damage the local marine and coastal ecosystems; disrupt whale migration routes; destroy the habitat of countless species including the endangered Manly colony of Little Penguins; and negatively impact the physical and mental health of millions of Australians.

Granting the PEP11 licence for offshore oil and gas drilling will set a dangerous precedent for the east coast of Australia that could see runaway fossil fuel industrialisation just offshore from our favourite beaches. At a time when the world needs to drastically reduce its emissions to meet our Paris Agreement commitments, PEP-11 will simply lock in decades of disastrous climate pollution. Australia needs climate action, not new oil & gas fields.

We therefore ask the Australian Parliament to support Zali Steggall MP’s Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Stopping PEP-11) Bill 2021.